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Year 1 Class Owls

Welcome to Year 1 Class - Owls!


Class teacher:  Mr Gray 

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Adams

Our topics for this year are:

Autumn 1 - Houses and Homes

Autumn 2 - The Dark

Spring 1 - Toys

Spring 2 - Growing

Summer 1 - The Sea

Summer 2 - Ourselves

PE this half term is on Monday and Wednesday.

Our learning during Summer term

In DT we made clay fish. We used different tool to roll, shape and cut our fish. We also made our own under the sea themed shoe boxes. We had great fun creating the sea creatures and making them move by adding a slider, spring or hanging them on string.

Our topic in PSHE this half term is 'Relationships'. The children looked at appropriate ways to greet each other using physical contact. We discussed that it is ok to say 'no' if there is a touch that you do not like.

In Drama 4 All, we became superheroes and came up with different ways to help the environment.

We had such a great time on our school trip. We visited the sea life centre and saw lots of amazing sea creatures. We played on the beach and collected shells.

In PE this half term we have been practising tennis skills. We have learned how to hold a racket correctly and how to hit the ball to a partner.

In History we looked at how the seaside has changed over the past 100 years. Dis you know that people used to be fully clothed and get changed in a bathing machine when they wanted to go into the sea?

Our amazing learning -  Spring term

In RE we learned about the Easter Story. The schools ministry provided us with different activities based around the Easter Story as well as some calming, spiritual activities.

As part of an on going science investigation we tried to grow seeds without soil. We still provided them with light and water. Some of our seeds have started to grow!

We were very lucky to have chicks in class. We watched them hatch from eggs and begin to grow.

In music we used '2 Beat' on the laptops to compose our own music notation. We used different instruments and changed the number of beats.

In maths we have been learning about measuring length and height. We used cubes to help us measure objects from our classroom.

In computing we followed algorithms to complete tasks. An algorithm is a set of instructions.

In science we went on a flower and leaf hunt on the school field. We found brambles, daisies and ivy.

Our learning during Autumn term

In DT we made toys out of paper and card. Some children made toys from the past such as spinners.

In RE we learned about the creation story. We used natural resources to recreate one of the days of creation.

In Science we sorted toys into different groups according to their material and properties.

In PSHE we learned about Dreams and Goals. We looked at the different steps we have to take to achieve these.

In PE we were taught different basketball skills. We learned how to pass, dribble and shoot.

Christmas Red & Green Day

We learned lots of interesting facts from our owl visit.