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Welcome to Sunnymede by Year 2 Pupils

Welcome to Sunnymede Infant School

Welcome to Sunnymede Infant School
By Freya Whapplington
Classrooms and Lessons
Hello this report is going to make you feel like you are really at Sunnymede School. Do you want to find out everything there is to know about Sunnymede. Well if you do, read everything! Do you like taking part in marvellous, magnificent, magic activities? The most magical activities are Art, Science, DT and PE!! But here is all the lessons we have Art, Science, Music, PE, DT, Geography, ICT, Numeracy, Literacy, History, RE, PSHE and Guided Reading too!! Personally my favourite lesson is Numeracy because I love all the hard challenges we have. I also love Science as well because it is so much fun and it seems magical also PE, because I am really good at making up my own games and it is really fun and exciting.
We have lots of classes and in Reception there are Rabbits Class and Otters Class. In year one there is Owls Class and Moles Class. Also in year two we have Hedgehogs and Squirrels.  All the classes are fascinating as all of the classroom walls have our art work on them. The classrooms are huge. There are lots of tables, a drink and lunch trolley, an electric whiteboard and lots, lots more.
Playtimes and Lunchtimes
We have a short play that lasts for 15 minutes in the morning. In the playground we have a balance beam, a wooden train, a quiet area, hop scotch and a football pitch. It is nice to play at playtimes because you get a chance to play with other people (especially if they are lonely). We can sometimes go on the field where there is an enormous obstacle course.  In the obstacle course there are tyres, balance beams, a bouncy bridge, and lots more.  There is also an enormous football pitch on the field. After play we have drink and snack and it’s time to eat and calm down. We also have a story.
At lunchtime when you have finished your lunch in the hall you can go into the playground again. If you hurt yourself there are first aiders to help you. Mrs Hart and Mrs Jones in the office always make you feel better. For lunch you have a choice of school dinners or packed lunch. On a Wednesday it is always roast dinners (it’s delicious). On Friday it is always fish and chips but the rest of the week it can change and be different things. We also have a lovely dessert or you can have fruit.
Clubs and Trips
Do you like being part of exciting clubs? We have lots for brilliant clubs at Sunnymede for example Art, Dodge ball, French, Dance, Football and so much more. I have loved being part of dodge ball because the games are so much fun. Art has also been great because it is magical. We can go to recorder club, singing club, skipping club and creativity club at lunchtimes but are still so much fun.
Everything we do at Sunnymede is fantastic you should come, Please do!!!    

Uniform has to be worn at our school. This is special because we all have to look the same so we know we are from the same school. You can wear blue jumpers or cardigans, grey trousers or skirts or shorts and light blue polo shirts. In the summer girls can wear a blue and white summer dress. We all have to have black school shoes. In the winter we have coats and fleeces.  

  Written by Jess yr2

Sunnymede is the best!
By Billy Walsh
The Classrooms and Lessons
At Sunnymede the classrooms are vast. If you get stuck on a word you just look up and there will be a massive word bank for you to use (so don’t rush your work and get it wrong).  Literacy is good because your writing will improve and if you’re lucky you might even learn how to join. I love science because you can do electric circuits. ICT is super because you can learn how to draw on laptops. P.E. is great because you learn how to swing on ropes. History is interesting. It will blow your mind with all the interesting facts you will learn about famous people. We have learnt about Van Gogh, Picasso, Samuel Peeps, Guy Fawkes and Kandinsky. Geography fills your brain full of stuff because you learn about the world. But last of all my favourite thing is Maths. I learnt how to do partitioning!
Playtimes and Lunchtimes
Playtime is great because we get together in the playground and share altogether. There are so many children that it’s impossible to be lonely or lost. If you get hurt there are lots of lovely staff to help you. Playtime is awesome. You get 15 minutes to play and sometimes we get to go on the enormous field. The playground has things such as benches, a quiet area, wooden shelters, a train and some games. If it rains we stay inside the classroom and get out drawing and other stuff.
Lunchtime begins at 12 o’clock and finishes at 1.15pm. We go into the hall for our packed lunches and dinners go across the playground to the juniors’ hall. The dinners are lovely and there is also a vegetarian option. After lunch we got outside for excellent activities such as Duck, Duck, Goose or singing club or skipping or creative club.
Don’t forget to wear your uniform. We have a white shirt and blue shorts for P.E. For lessons you will need a light blue top and grey shorts or trousers and for the girls you will need a grey pinafore or skirt or gingham blue dress. We all have a dark blue cardigan or jumper with a yellow golden eagle crest on the front.
Trips and Clubs
The Norsey Woods trip was good, well quite good because I was scared of the red ants. At Anesha Grange we went to sing for the old people. At the dance festival we had fun learning a new dance. We also went to the Fire Station where we got soaked!
There are cubs on everyday of the week. Monday - Art club, Tuesday - Dance club or Mad Science, Wednesday - Football, Thursday - Dodge ball or Gym, Friday - Fencing.  
P.S. Sunnymede is the best so why not come!! 


Why are we the best?  I think Sunnymede is the best  because we have got AMAZING teachers, brilliant classes, fantastic toys, excellent playgrounds, fab toys, epic toys, and lots of other superb things. It is also very clean so you won’t get any germs.  I hope you will enjoy being here!

Written by K Yr2