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The school day

The School day starts at 8.55am


Our school hours are:

Children welcomed from 8.45am

Morning session: 8.55am- 10.10am                   

Morning break: 10.10am -10.25am

Morning session: 10.25am-12 noon 

Lunch: 12noon-1.15pm approx (lunchtime varies for different year groups)                   

Afternoon session: 1.15pm-3.15pm


The total time this amounts to in a typical week is 31.66hours


The school doors open at 8.45am. Children are encouraged to come into school slightly earlier than 8.55am to complete some early morning work which is usually handwriting or a literacy or numeracy related task. This gives the children a calm and orderly start to the morning which sets them up for a good day ahead.


The teachers welcome children into their classrooms and the Headteacher is usually available in the main foyer.  Should you need to see the class teacher then after school is usually more private but short messages can be passed at the beginning of the day if necessary. If you wish to discuss a matter in more detail class teachers are available for appointments at the end of the school day.


For the safety of all please do not park prams/pushchairs near entrances to allow free access at all times.


Other important parts of the day are:

Break time: There are always a number of adults on duty during break. We have

a qualified person on hand should any first aid be necessary. During wet days the

children may remain with the class teacher in the classroom or may go to the hall for a

story/singing session.  Please provide your child with a labelled bottle or container of

water for the morning break. This will be refilled during the day.

A fruit or vegetable snack is provided daily.


Lunchtime: Our team of midday assistants in their distinctive red fleeces/aprons

supervise the children whilst eating lunch in the hall and outside afterwards. Children

are encouraged to join in with a variety of activities including singing, skipping and

games for a healthy and active lunchtime.


School dinners are available free to all infant children.  The menu is posted on our

school website and also outside the school office. Schools meals may be ordered daily.


Packed lunches may be brought by children. Please ensure any lunch pack is named

clearly and the items inside are manageable for your child. We do not allow novelty items

such as sweets, cheese strings, yogurt in tubes etc but are keen that children develop

healthy eating habits from the start. NO NUTS ARE ALLOWED. Children may also go

home for lunch.  Collect at noon and return your child at 1.15.


End of the day: Teachers will open the class doors and confirm that they can see a

a parent/carer before releasing the child to go. Please ensure you inform us of any

changes to collection arrangements before the end of the day.