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Science Week

Lets Get Ready For . . .

This year we are challenging ALL the pupils at Sunnymede Infant School to enter the British Science Week poster competition. 

The theme is "Innovating for the Future" so get your creative juices flowing...

Science Week Activities - EYFS

Science Week Activities - KS1

Visit from the Science Boffins

10th March 2020

Our Highlights


"The hall  smelled like science"  - Mia (EYFS)

"I liked it when the pots exploded when we put the tablets in them" - Bobby (EYFS)


"When he put the fire under the balloon and it made a big bang, it was exciting!" - Evie (Year One)

"I thought the flash paper was going to burn but it was just GONE, like magic!" - Austin (Year One)


"My favourite was when the fire came out of the tube.  It was like Griffindor in Harry Potter."

- Esmae (Year Two)

"He put a special gas in a balloon.  He put it over a hot thing and it exploded with a ball of fire." 

- Heath  (Year Two)



Science Boffin Dave introduced us to gases by releasing a "genie" from the bottle.

Science Boffin Dave ended his assembly with a "Fire Breathing Dragon" WOW moment.