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Science Week Activities - KS1

Visit from the Science Boffins

10th March 2020

Our Highlights


"The hall  smelled like science"  - Mia (EYFS)

"I liked it when the pots exploded when we put the tablets in them" - Bobby (EYFS)


"When he put the fire under the balloon and it made a big bang, it was exciting!" - Evie (Year One)

"I thought the flash paper was going to burn but it was just GONE, like magic!" - Austin (Year One)


"My favourite was when the fire came out of the tube.  It was like Griffindor in Harry Potter."

- Esmae (Year Two)

"He put a special gas in a balloon.  He put it over a hot thing and it exploded with a ball of fire." 

- Heath  (Year Two)



Science Boffin Dave introduced us to gases by releasing a "genie" from the bottle.

Science Boffin Dave ended his assembly with a "Fire Breathing Dragon" WOW moment.