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Classroom and Lessons

If you come to Sunnymede School you can find the latest, best stuff. You can meet lovely teachers and pupils. The displays are filled with imagination and they are like a rainbow to look at. Everybody likes the books if they did not it would be a waste of money! Every child in year 2 gets to be a writer. You pick your best bit of work and it gets put in a book. You are lucky and get to go on lots of trips. You also do lots of bits and bobs. often at  school you can do lots of clubs like, Football, Gymnastics, Film Club, Basketball, Science Club and lots more.


Uniform and P.E Kit

You have to wear school uniform because on a school trip nobody will know what school you come from. It is a white top and blue shorts and trainers. The uniform for girls is a blue t-shirt and a grey skirt and in the summer girls can wear a summer dress. The boys wear grey trousers and a blue t-shirt and in the summer shorts. You can have any colour P.E. bag you want as they come in all different colours like pink, red, orange, green, blue and many more. When you do P.E. you must remember to take out your earrings and also take off your glasses and put your hair up!



At Sunnymede you can join lots of exciting clubs, some involve learning French or singing or playing the recorder. Some clubs are very enthusiastic.



You can do lots of different trips like the music festival, Norsey Woods, mini Olympics and lots more. In the woods you can see lots of insects and at the music festival you would love to sing because we do! We are also lucky because we go on a coach.


Why Come To Sunnymede?

You should come because it is the best school EVER!!!


written by Robyn Atkinson Yr 2