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School Council

Sunnymede Infant School Council

At the beginnining of the Autumn term each class in years 1 and 2 elect a boy and a girl School Councillors. These children represent their class at school council meetings for the whole year.

Our councillors for 2019-2020 are:


Daniel (Year 2)                           Sophia (Year 1)

Rosa (Year 2)                             Teddy(Year 1)

Grace (Year 2)                             Jaime (Year 1)

Joseph (Year 2)                           Riley (Year 1)

The year 2 councillors will be also been given special jobs to do in our meetings (we may change these termly):

Chairperson - Daniel
Registrar - Rosa
Secretary - Grace and Joseph
Deputy - Grace and Joseph

School Council Promises
At the beginning of the year we talked about what would make a good School Councillor and we all agreed on some rules - 'Our School Council Promises'. (See below)

We meet up regularly to talk about lots of different issues that arise in school. We will be updating the website soon to let you know some of the things we have been discussing.

Dementia Friendly School Award

On Thursday 27th February Maureen Lee came to speak to all of Year 2  pupils (as well as the Year 1 School Councillors) about Dementia.  We listened carefully about what dementia is and how it can affect people.  We also thought about what actions we could do to help people living with dementia, such as being more patient, smile, be kind, friendly and talk to them.  We are now all 'Dementia Friends' and have received our badges.  The School Councillors hope to go and visit Anisha Grange Care Home soon, and we will be working towards achieving 'The Billericay Dementia Friendly Schools Award' this year.