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Remote Learning at Sunnymede Infant School

Our remote learning offer is based on the curriculum we are also teaching in school and follows the outline of our published Sunnymede curriculum and half termly overviews. You can find these on the curriculum pages of this website.

We use Tapestry in Reception and Google Classroom in Years 1 and 2 to deliver our remote learning.

All registration and login details for these have previously been sent home. If you are not sure of your details please contact the school office and we can give you the details again. 

What will happen during school closure periods?

 For KS1 the work is uploaded to Google Classroom for the week with some indications of what should be completed on specific days. In Reception tasks are upload on a daily basis. 

We have posted work to be submitted by the end of the week so that it allows parents flexibility to schedule this around their other commitments but some work should be completed every day . We encourage you to submit work as you complete it so that teachers can comment and feedback throughout the week. Our provision is based on the suggested 3 hours of learning each day for primary children, which can be organised in any way which works for individual parents and families.

In KS1 this is broadly 1 hour of English ( which includes phonics, reading, spelling and grammar and writing tasks), 1 hour of Maths and 1 hour of learning in the Foundation Subjects (History, Geography, PE, Music, RE, RHSE, Art). In EYFS there are a range of learning tasks linked to all areas of the EYFS curriculum and including phonics and reading, maths, understanding the world, physical development, expressive and creative aspects of learning. 

Phonics learning is particularly important and we have provided daily phonics learning videos which are in line with our Read Write Inc approach so that children are able to quickly pick this up again when they return to school. This should be done daily. 


We are not currently providing "live" lessons. However, we are providing video content from the teachers alongside other  nationally recognised video content, including Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize and resources to support remote learning. There is no requirement to print any of the work posted but examples are provided for guidance and parents may print them if they wish. Work may be recorded on paper or in a notebook with broad headings or answers only copied and submitted. Please log in to Tapestry or the Google Classroom for your year group to see the full details of the learning for each week. 


How will the teacher know what my child has been learning? 

In both Tapestry and Google Classroom we ask parents to photograph or video the work children have been doing and upload (or Turn In) the work the platform. Teachers will look at the work uploaded throughout the week and give feedback and encouragement. Below you can find a short video tutorial on how to upload work to Google Classroom using a smartphone. 

Each week there will be assignments set with work to submit. Our expectation is that we should see at least one piece of learning in English, Maths and foundation subject each week.  There are a range of other learning opportunities which do not need to be submitted, though some parents like to video their child doing them and submit those too. 


Will my child be able to have contact with their teacher during home learning?

Each class teacher will have a daily Zoom session with the children who are learning remotely. The children in school will not take part in this as they will be having their lessons during this time. We would like all children to join in daily but we appreciate that this may not always be possible. Every child must attend at least one Zoom session during the week. This is part of our Safeguarding process and if we have not seen a child we will make a phone call home to speak to the child. 

The feedback comments to children are a form of contact and we ask parents/carers to share these with their child so that they can develop their learning and celebrate their achievements together. 


What will happen if my child is coming to school but we have to isolate?

If this happens during a local or national lockdown period where most children are working from home the child will join the Google Classroom or Tapestry provision immediately. 

Outside of lockdown periods when the school is operating normally the child can immediately continue with their reading and maths by logging into their Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds accounts.  They may also undertake some research about the current theme by accessing the Curriculum Visions resources posted on the Google Classroom & Tapestry links. Further learning will be posted for them by lunchtime on the first day but this may not follow exactly the learning that is happening in class that day. By day two the provision will be in line with what is being taught in the classroom. 


How can I ask the teacher questions? 

Both of our remote learning platforms have the facility to communicate with the teacher in-built.  The teachers will check posts daily and respond. Please bear in mind that most of our teachers are also teaching during the day and so this may not occur until after the end of the school day. If you have an urgent query or request please email:    or telephone the school office 01277 624592.





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Keeping children safe online is more important than ever now that most children are learning at home. Have a look at our web page with lots of links and resources to help you keep your children safe when they are gaming, using apps and searching websites.