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Photos - Maths in School - KS1

Children use a range of resources to support their learning during lessons.

Year 1 have been busy learning about addition.

Year 1 have been using cubes to measure the length and height of different things in their classroom.

We use a range of resources to help us in our maths lessons.

Year 2 have been using cubes and counters to find doubles and write multiplication number sentences.

Year 2 have been practising how to add 2, 2-digit numbers together.

Year 2 using concrete materials to solve addition number sentences.

Year 2 using a range of concrete materials to practise addition and subtraction.

Year 1 using a range of resources to solve different problems.

Working Walls and Maths vocabulary lists

Census Day 21st March 2021: Children in Year 2 carried out their own class census and recorded their results.

The children were asked to record how they would count efficiently 42 balls.

Children worked in pairs and used different resources to show their understanding of place value.

Christmas Maths - We made our own board game to play with our families on Christmas Day