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Key Stage 1


Curriculum Intent, Impact and Implementation

At Sunnymede we are proud of our happy, vibrant school community in which everyone can thrive and is "Learning and Growing Together". 


The early years of schooling are particularly important because they help form the attitudes, routines and behaviours which are the foundation for the rest of the learning journey.  Our aim is to make this experience as enjoyable, accessible and memorable as possible.


We considered the Intent of our curriculum carefully and identified the 6 key factors which underpin everything we do:


  • Our core intention is that pupils enjoy learning and value it
  • Our curriculum promotes both teamwork and independence

  • Our curriculum is progressive and challenging

  • Our curriculum promotes a healthy lifestyle

  • Our curriculum encourages collaboration and interaction between pupils, with parents and the wider community

  • Our curriculum promotes inclusion, tolerance, diversity and difference


 We then thought about the intended Impact (or outcomes ) of this and lastly what we do to ensure all of this happens - the Implementation. All of this is summarised in the table below. Within each of the subject areas you will find what this looks like in English, Maths, History and so on. 

Sunnymede Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

How to form letters in the Sunnymede joined handwriting style

If you would like further information on the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.