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Illness & Absence

Please see the Coronavirus guidance section for information on Covid-19. 

Absence from School

(addendum for September 2020 with continued Covid – 19 arrangements in place)



  • From September 2020 all students are required to attend school full time or as timetabled for their Reception induction period.


  • From Sept 2020 to Oct half term 2020 attendance will be encouraged within the current context of Covid-19 with additional welfare support available to students and families. The Home School Attendance Officer  and school staff will work with families and students to overcome any issues with pupil transition back into school.  Please alert us to any difficulties or concerns you may have so that this can be put in place. If there is continued absence and the above fail and or families do not engage with school support then the usual attendance policy procedures will apply. The school will contact the Local Authority and they may issue a penalty notice of £60 to be paid within 21 days rising to a £120 if paid after the 21st day but on or before the 28th day.  If the penalty is not paid the Local Authority will then institute legal proceedings against parents in the magistrate’s court under Section 444 of the Education Act 1996 for failing to ensure your child attends school regularly.


  • Leave of absence requests remain the same but if a quarantine period is needed this will  NOT be considered an exceptional circumstance


  • Any student that has any Covid-19 symptoms – a new, continuous cough, a high temperature or has a loss of or change in, their sense of taste or smell – must remain at home and not attend school. Any student that develops any of these symptoms during the school day must immediately make a member of staff aware of their symptoms. The school has in place arrangements to process and isolate any student prior to collection by parents/carers. It is vital that all parental contact numbers are accurate and up to date on the school system. If you wish to update any of these details please contact the school office.


  • The school expects any child that is absent from school due to displaying symptoms of CV-19 be tested immediately and the results of the test shared with the school at the earliest opportunity


  • If any parent is called by the school during the course of the school day, they must ensure that arrangements to collect students are put in place as quickly as possible. It is imperative that any student displaying symptoms is collected from the school site to self-isolate as quickly as is reasonably practicable.
  • Should a student show signs or symptoms of Covid-19 and be sent home or is absent to self-isolate, the school has the right to ask parents to demonstrate a test has been taken and track and trace has been used. All other medical documentation requests remain the same  

Absence from School

General Policy



You should use Parentmail/Parentmail App to report absence to the school office by 9.30am. Please state clearly the reason for absence giving some clear details about symptoms if your child is ill. This is our preferred method of reporting. Alternatively you may ring the school by 9.30am on the main school number. There is an answer phone and you may leave a message which will be picked up by the office.  If reporting by phone we also require a follow up letter stating the reason for your child’s absence from school.  If absences are not explained they will be regarded as unauthorised absences, according to Government regulations.


Following incidents of sickness or diarrhoea, children are not permitted to return to school until 48 hours have passed, thus preventing spread of infection.


Please note that where a child is absent for the morning session and not returned to school by mid-day they may not return until the start of the afternoon session, which is 1.15pm.  For appointments during the lunchbreak or the afternoon session children should be collected at 12 noon.

Please book any dental or medical appointments outside of school hours.  If you have to collect your child during school hours please buzz at the main entrance and we will bring your child to you and ask you to sign them out in the lobby.  Notify the office by telephone before 10.00am on the morning of your child’s appointment if your child requires a school dinner.  We also require a copy of your child’s appointment card showing the reason for your child’s absence from school.


Leave of absence may only be granted by a person authorised by the proprietor of the school (the Governing Body).  As from 1st September 2013, the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 amended Regulation 7 to prohibit the proprietor of a maintained school from granting leave of absence to a pupil, except where an advance application has been made by the parent with whom the pupil normally resides, and the proprietor considers that there are exceptional circumstances relating to the application. 



Taking your child out of school during term time could be detrimental to your child’s educational progress.  A pupil who takes 10 days absence will only attain 94.7% attendance in the year. 10 days absence also means the pupil will miss 50 hours of education.


There is no entitlement to parents to take their child out of school during term time; however, you may apply to the school for leave of absence if you believe there are exceptional circumstances.  If a quarantine period is needed this will  NOT be considered an exceptional circumstance.


If the absence is not authorised and the holiday is taken, the case will be referred to the Education Welfare Service who may issue a Penalty Notice for £120 (or £60 if paid within 21 days)  to each parent for each child taken out of school.


Regular attendance at school is very important. Irregular attendance will be monitored and followed up by the school. Where a child has a high level of absence a school based meeting may take place and the case may be referred to the Essex Attendance Team which may result in  legal intervention, in the form of penalty notice, prosecution or Education Supervision Order.





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