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Chicks hatching

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Year 1 have been learning about how humans and animals grow and change. We were very excited to watch the chicks hatch and were surprised that they grow very quickly. Did you know they have an egg tooth which they use to break out of the shell?

Look how quickly they become fluffy and can stand

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Monochrome art work

Remembrance Day 2020

Back to school September 2020

Some photos from our first weeks back at school in the Summer Term

The Sunnymede WOW! Wall. Look at the great learning we have done in our home learning

Welcome to the gallery of learning at Sunnymede Infant School 2019 - 2020!

Do you know when the Great Fire of London was?

Year 2 learnt all about the Great Fire of London. Hedgehogs performed some songs about it in their class assembly in January. You can hear two of them here. Listen carefully and you will learn a lot about this important event!

Hedgehogs We need a leader Jan2020.mp3

The PDSA visited school to help us learn about how to look after pets and what animals need to keep them healthy.

Year 1 parents joined us for our end of term assembly and carol concert

Everyone enjoyed the Sleeping Beauty Pantomime - some of us even became actors in the play.

Look at our amazing Christmas card designs

Year 1 visited St John's Church for a Christingle service

Wonderful Winter art

Year 1 learnt about Owls and their habitats when the Birds of Prey centre visited on 4th November

Year 2 having been learning about the Great Fire of London and developing their history skills

We enjoy Forest School Club

Learning at Sunnymede 2018-19

Cello Boogie Woogie

Some of our previous pupils joined our current ones to play together as the Sunnymede Cello Orchestra. The children performed solo and group pieces with great confidence and skill. We are really proud of them all. You can hear one of their favourite pieces here.

The junk orchestra man visited us on 16th July

Reception enjoyed cooking yummy pea pakoras after they read Planet Pea

Shakespaw visited to celebrate National Poetry Day and we learnt about William Shakespeare

Chinese Arts Week February 2019

Christmas 2018

Physical activity at Sunnymede