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Chinese Arts Week

Picture 1 Chinese musician shows us to play the instruments
Picture 2 See how much fun we had Ribbon dancing
Picture 3
Picture 4 All Three year groups making th Chinese Dragon
Picture 5 Year2 used water colours to paint their own bamboo
Picture 6 Receptions Chinese Flags
Picture 7 Year 2 folded Dragons
Picture 8 Year 2 blew through straws to create Blossom trees
Picture 9 Year 1 used pastels to create their Blossom trees
Picture 10
Picture 11 Receptions hand printed Chinese Dragon
Picture 12 Receptions money envelopes
Picture 13 Reception made pandas using different material
Picture 14 Year 2 Tanograms
Picture 15 Fans
Picture 16 Just some of the chinese numbers we learnt painted