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Behaviour & Well Being at Sunnymede

At Sunnymede Infant School we encourage our children to learn and play together well. Learning to share, take turns, follow rules and manage feelings are an important part of growing up and being part of a community. We are clear in our expectations for the children which are based around our Sunnymede Values and we talk about these throughout the school day. Praise and daily/weekly awards are explicitly based around these values too. Our aim is that children know and follow what is expected of them and that they encourage and reinforce good behaviour in each other. Even though our children are still young they are keen and able to take on roles of responsibility around the school such as School Council, Playleaders and Line Leaders. They are expected to be good role models for each other. Good behaviour ensures that lessons are fun and not disrupted and that all our children can learn in a safe and happy school! 


Our Sunnymede Values are: 


   Respect      Friendship     Courage         Determination       Excellence   



Designated Mental Health Leader  -  Miss Lauren Ridley