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All about learning to read at Sunnymede

We teach reading at Sunnymede using the Read Write Inc. apporach. Click on the file for more information about this.

Great reading at Sunnymede

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At Sunnymede we use a synthetic phonic approach to reading. This means that children learn the phonemes (or letter sounds) to read words. We use Read Write Inc as a dedicated scheme which helps children learn to read quickly and fluently. It is really important to say the sounds clearly to help your child learn them. We say ‘mmmm’ not ‘muh’ and ‘lllll’ not ‘luh’ when teaching the sounds. This really helps children when they learn to blend sounds together to read words.


Each child will bring home a phonically decodable book which matches the sounds they have been learning in class. Children will read the book a number of times to enable them to read fluently; developing their speed, accuracy and expression.   Careful assessment and tracking helps us ensure that the reading book is well matched to your child. 


We also share a  range of wonderful books with children to ensure they have a wide and varied experience of reading. Children are encouraged to develop their love of reading and pursue their reading interests through a weekly library session where they are able to choose a book to bring home. 


Partnership between home and school is crucial in developing confident readers. We encourage you and your child to read every night - this is one of the main pieces of homework for every child at Sunnymede.


Below you can find further information on the Read Write Inc scheme and some useful information and videos to support you in helping your child learn to read at home too. 


Important note: as a school we use a joined handwriting style which is not included in the Read Write Inc scheme. Please use the school letter formation rather than following the RWI sheets on the website. We do use the ditties about formation but begin each one with "upstroke" before going on to say the verse. In the Sunnymede style all letters start on the line with an upstroke. See the example sheet below. 


 Speed Sounds

Children will learn the sounds in the following order. The aim is to be able to read each sound in random order quickly and correctly. 


These are the Set 1 Speed Sounds written with one letter:

m  a  s  d  t  i  n  p  g  o  c  k  u  b  f  e  l  h  r  j  v  y  w  z  x

These are the sounds written with two letters (your child will call these ‘special friends’):

sh  th  ch  qu  ng  nk  ck

Check if your child can read these sounds. Make sure they say sounds like ‘mmm’, not letter names like ‘em’. Watch the How to say the sounds video below to help you. 


These are the Set 2 Speed Sounds:

ay  ee  igh  ow (as in blow)  oo (as in zoo)

oo (as in look) ar  or  air  ir  ou (as in out)  oy


These are Set 3 Speed Sounds:

ea (as in tea)

oi (as in spoil)

a–e (as in cake)

i–e (as in smile)

o–e (as in home)

u–e (as in huge) 

aw (as in yawn)

are (as in care)

ur (as in nurse)

er  (as in letter)

ow (as in brown)

ai  (as in snail)

oa (as in goat)

ew (as in chew)

ire (as in fire)

ear (as in hear)

ure (as in pure)

Reading book colours progression

Reading for pleasure. Key stories are read to children during daily story time sessions, sometimes in our magical library. At Sunnymede, we want children to begin a lifelong love of reading. We do this by giving them the opportunity to hear high quality texts by a range of authors. As a sign in our library says, 'Where will reading take you today?'. This sits alongside reading for information.

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